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Teliti Management Sdn Bhd offers overall project management services ranging from infrastructures, land use development, environmental, transportation, oil and gas and waterways.

In short, we intend to be the clients ‘most trusted friend’ throughout every projects undertaken by us guided by the following principles:

  • Representing the client ensuring the clients interest is protected
  • Providing a strong leadership role in all projects so as to achieve the most efficient result with the highest quality
  • Overseeing and strict monitoring on every critical processes in all stages of work

Scope and stages of works may be summarised as follows:

STAGE 1 Initiation on Project Scope and Planning
STAGE 2 Implementation
Project reporting, recording information, meetings, quality plans
STAGE 3 Consultant Appointment
STAGE 4 Design Management
Project time planning, monitoring and reporting, communication, cost tracking, tender
STAGE 5 Construction Management
Construction compliance, progress monitoring, time and change management, inspection of works, site staffing, site safety, progress payment and certification, testing and commissioning, recommendation for certificate of practical completion
STAGE 6 Hand-Over Management
As-built drawings, defects liability period, manuals, legal and statutory requirement, final account