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In the rush towards achieving development in all aspects of nation building, humankind is held spellbound by leading edge technology and continuous innovations. Striving to keep the pace with this exciting era, we take scant interest in developing and pursuing the intristic human values, fundamental human needs that must be considered and manifested well in our environment.

At Teliti Management Sdn Bhd, our pursuit of excellence hinges solidly on ingenuity, honesty and the active sharing of ideas to preserve these values. We then endeavour to translate them into the built environment with technical expertise, striving to create the ideal way of life in all human spaces-housing, institutional, office, industrial and commercial domains.

We are continuously analytical of our approach to design, construction and management, always working towards achieving the best possible outcome for our clients and their clients – the masses.


In fostering Malaysia’s development, Teliti Management Sdn Bhd aims to provide total project management services to the highest quality. Thus simple goal is a constant motivation for our employees and the impetus for our growth and accomplishments.

Integrity, proficiency and commitment are emphasized in the services we provide and quality assurance is a built-in feature. The company takes pride in executing projects to the clients complete satisfaction.


Company No.: 573088-P
Established: 2002
Authorised Capital: RM500,000.00
Paid Up Capital: RM100,000.00